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Maybe surprisingly, we are excellent Richmond window washers!  If you're like most homeowners in Richmond and the rest of Virginia, window cleaning is not at the top of your to-do list but your windows are filthy.  We understand because window cleaning can be tedious and even dangerous.  Let our friendly, professional team do the hard work for you and make your windows sparkle!  We can clean all of the exterior windows in your home.  We clean the exterior where it can be difficult to reach. Call us today for a free estimate.

Concrete Wall Power Washing and Painting Project

Exterior Pressure Power Wash and Painting Project

About Project

This commercial power washing and painting project included 2 buildings made of concrete bridge trusses.  The before and after pictures for this project show what a difference a thorough cleaning and professional painting can do to restore a properties curb appeal.  This customer not only uses the buildings, but rents space as well.  The restoration of this building has afforded the owner the opportunity to showcase his property to his clients and made his property a more valuable rentable space for his renters.  We used a medium to low pressure wash and lift equipment in order to make sure we power washed both buildings - top to bottom - with high quality.   Once everything was clean we repaired the aging stucco roof so the painting process would look more consistent once complete.  In addition to the stucco and the concrete walls we thoroughly cleaned all the metal window frames and primed and painted those to make the finished project stand out that much more.  This was easily done using all surface enamels and restored the window frames to their original condition with a gloss sheen.

Utilizing lift equipment makes some commercial jobs quicker and less expensive for our customer.  In this case, it was best for everyone.  We use similar equipment on many of our pressure washing jobs in order offer the best value to our power washing customers.  Our employees are lift certified and we take the utmost care insuring our employees are safe and your property is safe while the project is being completed.

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Exterior Pressure Power Wash Project 1
Exterior Pressure Power Wash Project 2